Punto Bar & Dine in Gzira, Malta

Category: Brand Identity, Graphic Design


Punto Bar & Dine is a completely new restaurant on the seafront of Gzira, Malta.

Located next to the sea, turquoise water is reflected in its mirrored façade and turns the sea into part of the cozy and fresh interior of the restaurant.

“Punto” is a „meeting place“, for gathering friends, for delicious food and a pleasant experience.



The idea behind the name is to turn “Punto” into a refined and unique place in which the inhabitants and guests of Sliema find their “place” for meeting and having a good time out by the sea.

The graphic sign of the logo aims to present in a clean style our idea of “meeting”, for “place”, for water, sophistication and style. The black and white color contrasts perfectly with the turquoise blue, which is an emphasis in the overall look of the restaurant.



The signs are simple and clean so that the turquoise mandala-shaped graphic sign can stand out against a tightly black background.



Business cards follow the selected clean vision. The paper business card brings a sense of style and continuity, and the information on it directly transfers us to the digital platform, on which information about the dishes and drinks offered in the restaurant can be found, current promotions and to make a reservation for lunch or dinner.



The yellow sunny color is ideally complemented by the turquoise sea and the interior of the restaurant.