Republic of Bulgaria: Strategic Framework Document

Category: Website & Digital Design, Graphic Design

Client: Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Bulgaria


Strategic Framework for the Development of Education, Training and Learning in the Republic of Bulgaria (2021-2030) is a document outlining the general framework that the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria intends to follow in the field of education, training and learning by 2030.

Illustrating this framework through a modern and up-to-date graphic line is the goal we set with this project.


The strategy includes 9 priority areas that need to be shown clearly and emphatically through text, colour and graphics.

We have created 9 stylized icons that illustrate as accurately and in a more precise way the idea behind each priority area for the development of education and training.



The project involves creating a bilingual interactive document and a website with an identical and recognizable vision.