Road Map for Research Infrastructure


Category: Book & Print Design, Graphic Design

Client: Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Bulgaria


The Roadmap for Research Infrastructure is a strategic document that plans the development of the scientific infrastructure of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2020 – 2027.

The scientific infrastructure unites laboratories, scientific resources, collections, archives, but also  expertise, methods, activities and services that are used to create, transfer and exchange knowledge obtained through research and technological developments.



The National Road Map is part of the efforts for development of an integrated European approach to strengthening international scientific excellence. Bulgaria as an EU member participates in the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure, whose large-scale aim is to shape European and global scientific policy in key areas for society and the economy such as health, environment, climate, etc.



This National Roadmap for Scientific Infrastructure has been prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of the Republic of Bulgaria together with Bulgarian scientific organizations and higher education institutions.



The graphic vision of the document showing scientific structures and achievements also be modern, stylish and representative.

We tried through the created graphic elements, the selected colors, font and content layout to convey clarity, cleanliness and unique radiation to the information.




We created eye-catching graphic elements for each main section of the document. The document itself has interactive content and is prepared in bilingual format, in Bulgarian and English.