We create meaningful design solutions for smart brands.

GreenFeel is an independent Creative Agency specialized in Graphic design, Brand Identity, Book & Print design, Exhibition Design and Websites & Digital design.

We believe in the aesthetic and educational role of good design, which is able to make people think. We do not want to offer quick solutions for temporary purposes, but to create a long-lived visual identity for a better living environment.

We have over 10 years of experience in the field of graphic design, print and digital advertising. Through creative and functional design, we help businesses find their way to their customers more easily, whether they meet them in person or in the digital world. Our experience shows that a good visual identity brings long-term value and helps businesses achieve their goals.

Why is the good design so important?

The transforming power of good design is that it can turn complex information into a simple and understandable visualization for the end user.

The essence of your whole business can be associated in the minds of customers with a stylish and simple graphic sign.


Graphic Design

• Graphic Design

• Logo Design

• Charts and Diagrams Design

• Custom Icons Design

• Infographics Design

• Catalogs and Brochures Design

• Flyer Design

• Postcards and Direct Mail

• Multimedia Design

• Packaging Design

Brand Identity

• Brand Strategy
• Corporate Identity Design
• Logo Design
• Visual Branding and Brand Development
• Brand Attributes Development
• Branding Elements Design
• Brand Refresh (Rebranding)

Book & Print Design

• Book Covers Design

Websites & Digital Design

• Responsive Design
• WordPress
• Ecommerce
• Banner Design

Exhibition Design